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Breath for Life Donated More than 2.4 Million Personal Protective Masks

JUNE 29, 2022 - NEWS IRVINE, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Breath for Life, a non-profit organization established by a consortium of concerned medical and technical professionals and philanthropists, has now donated more than 2.4 million protective masks to other nonprofits and organizations and communities in need.

As the US has continued to face uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, continued mask mandates have posed a financial burden on schools and other places where people congregate.

To help, the Breath for Life (B4L) team gathered masks via generous donations and identified specific recipient organizations to receive the masks. In the first quarter of 2022, B4L delivered over 1.35 million personal protective KN95 masks to school districts from California to Texas to Pennsylvania, cities in Texas along the Rio Grande Valley and places of worship from North Carolina to California.

The effort is also international

“The reach of Breath for Life did not stop inside US borders,” said Steve Tunnell, Managing Partner of Connected Rock Ventures and co-founder of B4L. “It was truly a global effort. Working with partners in Florida and Texas, we were able to deliver masks to rural areas in India where these resources are desperately needed.” Paul Williams, President of MediaLine Communications and Founding Member of B4L, added “It was rewarding to work with other organizations, such as Concern America, who share B4L’s mission, and facilitate needs for inclusion in medical kits in remote areas in Central America and beyond.” “We really worked as a team,” said Bryan Liu, CEO Telesair Inc and Founding Member of B4L. “Our sponsors graciously delivered products throughout the entire US where communities were under-resourced and this gift made a significant impact.” “I was thrilled to join and participate in the tremendous efforts and kind philanthropy going on at Breath for Life,” said Mike Gentile, CEO Pulmo Solutions. “The teamwork and dedication to help others around the globe is truly inspiring.” Breath for Life is seeking further assistance from volunteers and philanthropists to accomplish its goals. Donations of medical supplies, shipping, and logistical assistance are also needed. To learn more about the effort and how individuals and organizations can assist, visit



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