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About Telesair

Telesair, Inc. is a Southern California based MedTech company, building innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for people with respiratory insufficiency.

We intend to elevate the existing standard of care by improving patients’ safety, increasing treatment efficacy, and enhancing the ease of use.

The team behind Telesair, Inc is a group of deeply passionate individuals experienced in respiratory devices and medical device companies. Since its establishment, the team has been dedicated to creating smarter respiratory care solutions through real clinical data, engineering design, software, and IoT technology. Many of these innovations have granted and pending patents giving Telesair a robust and growing patent portfolio.

For more information about our clinical path, distribution opportunities and investment inquiries visit our contact page.

For a hint of what’s to come, view the video below

Our Culture


The needs of patients, doctors and nurses worldwide are at the forefront of what we do and why we do it.

We want our products to bring a sense of ease and comfort into their daily lives, no matter the circumstance.

It is vital to our innovation process that we speak directly to respiratory care doctors, respiratory therapy and patients, in order to better understand and solve the unmet needs they have.

We are creating solutions of distinction, honing in on the small details that will lead to big changes for those suffering respiratory issues, the doctors, respiratory therapists, and nurses caring for them, as well as all loved ones involved.


We value inclusivity and diversity, embracing our individual strengths while uniting under the same shared mission. Our dynamic team of experts constantly pushes to create cutting edge innovations within the respiratory care industry.


Disruptive ideas are favored at Telesair, with a team of employees as equally progressive as our goals.


Every opinion matters, and we emphasize a collaborative effort to the utmost definition.


We are driven to innovate by our mission, but also by an innate desire to help as many people as we can with our products.

Helping people will always be the beating heart behind Telesair.

Our actions will impact far beyond our immediate communities as we maintain a global perspective.

As a company seeking to do good, we do so with a sense of inclusivity for all of humankind.

Telesair is committed to do our part when urgent needs arise.

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